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D3 Products is a leader in innovative space-saving products that disrupt the market with engineering and design capabilities utilizing our patented Intellectual Properties (IP) in consumer electronics.

design, engineering & mfg.

Launched at Consumer Electronic Show (CES) the New
Intelashelf platform and the Liddle Speaker disrupts the market with innovative hybrid designs in Audio, Video & Electronic Charging technologies.


We focus on the importance of running a sustainable green business creating novel and innovative high-quality products

We currently have multiple utility patents filed; with  over 100 accepted claims. First patent filed in

February, 2015

We disrupt the market with innovative design platforms by consolidating proprietary electronic technologies into space saving product designs

Meet inventor Danny

As a part of our series called “Meet The Inventors”, we had the pleasure of interviewing 

Dan Cass, Inventor & Founder — 

D3 Products  / Liddle Speaker

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