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The intelashelf disrupts the market with its hybrid design that consolidates Audio, Video & Electronic Charging technologies into a space saving furniture platform. The platform has up to 30-watts of charging power to charge multiple electronic devices at the same time, allows a user to pair their electronic devices to stream music, video and work in parallel with intelligent smart home assistant products. 

The intelashelf's engineered design can be attached to walls, tables, and beds typically found in homes, hotels, dorms, medical facilities and recreational vehicles while eliminating the need for multiple power cords running across the floor and furniture.

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Intelashelf Audio Video Wireless Chargin


  • Wireless Qi certified 15-watt triple coil wireless charger

  • 2 USB ports allow multiple electronic devices to charge simultaneously

  • 2 wireless speakers located on each side of the platform

  • Add-on Accessory: Removable spherical video projector pairs with the built-in wireless speakers and
    works in parallel with intelligent smart home assistant products.

  • Dual-purpose receptacle holds a removable video projector or a variety of beverage cups, glasses or tumblers

  • Adjustable bracket elevates the platform closer to the user & adapts to various types of furniture structures.

  • Interlocking hinge allows the top section of the platform to fold down 90 degrees when not in use 

  • Eco-friendly, Lightweight & Portable: No tools required to install, easily transferred from one location to another 

Easy to use

Easily slides under mattress, sofa cushion or can be used on other cushioned furniture typically found in homes, hotels, dorms, medical facilities and recreational vehicles.

No Tools Required

Simply Smart

The bamboo platform is both stable and sturdy. 10 hardcover books are no match for it's stability and strength.


Turn your furniture into a Powerful Charging Platform.
Intelashelf bed shelf

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Intelashelf Smart Charging Platform:
Dan Cass presents Intelashelf to industry experts.