D3 Products one of the 10 hottest start-ups at Consumer Electronic Show (CES). The all in one intelashelf is a smart space-saving charging platform with audio, video, usb & wireless charging technology. The company was awarded multiple patents and has won numerous awards for its innovative product designs including being one of the semifinalists for the Smart Home Mark of Excellence award at CES 2020.


(D3) Design, Develop and Disrupt the market with custom power platforms by consolidating electronic technologies into a hybrid space saving design that can harvest and store electric power utilizing our patented closed loop charging system eliminating the need for charging power cords.


D3 is a leader in innovative space-saving charging platforms with engineering and design capabilities utilizing our patented Intellectual Properties (IP). With 66 patented claims, we continue to expand our IP portfolio by integrating electrical, mechanical and electronic technology advancements for OEM's and the consumer markets within various industries. 



We focus on the importance of running a sustainable green business creating novel and innovative high-quality products using clean source materials and incorporating the advancements of future technology. The patented intelashelf was designed to consolidate components, save energy, reduce costs, and reduce e-waste by eliminating the use of multiple charging cords that end up in landfills. Consolidating electronic devices into an All-In-One platform, we eliminate the need for producing excessive power adapters and charging cables. As we reduce the number of components being manufactured, we create a significant amount of savings from electricity, electronic waste and air pollution emissions to protect the environment. The plastic we save typically ends up in landfills as worn, discarded or obsolete components that may take up to 500 years to decompose, and potentially leak pollutants into the soil and water.


First patent filed in February, 2015. D3 Products has a total of 5 patents filed with 66 accepted claims; 3 issued utility patents, 2 continuation patents pending, and we are working on our 6th continuation patent filing to expand our IP.  

our team

 Career experience:

  • Masters in electrical / inventor 

  • Business Development Director in the Electrical and Electronic Industry

  • Product development, IP Portfolio Management

  • Member of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standards Technical Panel Renewable Energy Council

  • Director of National Alliance for Advanced Technology Batteries for energy storage and electric vehicles

  • Worked on electric vehicle battery technology for Ford, GM and non-automotive market

Dan - Inventor

 Career experience:

  • Experience in marketing and creative services 

  • Skills focused in branding, marketing, promotions, visual communications and business strategies

  • Director of Marketing for global business development

  • Conference, trade show planning
    and management

  • Market research and analysis,
    demographics and trends

  • Identification of strategic business

  • & product opportunities

Ed - Creative Services / Marketing

 Career experience:

  • Bachelors in design and merchandising 

  • Skills focused in retail sales management 

  • Brand training mentor

  • Event coordination

  • Inventory management

  • Client relations specialist

Valerie - Sales

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